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The benefits of aeroponic growing.

What is aeroponics?

The idea behind aeroponics is so simple. Basically it’s a process of growing in air with a fine mist being sprayed directly to the roots.

How aeroponics work

Plants are placed into net pots and held into position over a fine mist of water and nutrients, directly to the roots. The roots have access to all the food they need as well as the oxygen they need to thrive.

Who’s aeroponics suitable for?

The speed of growth and need to manage pH accurately makes aeroponic growing a technique that better suits an intermediate or advanced level grower, rather than a newbie.

But if you are experienced and think you’re results are falling short of what you’d expect from your efforts, this really is a technique for you.

Potential issues

Because using aeroponics helps roots to grow rapidly, some growers unfortunately get blocked sprayers. This means nutrients can’t feed the roots and the plant can’t thrive. This is a problem that is easily sorted by checking on the sprayers frequently and gently moving any roots that could block them. With this in mind the Amazon aeroponic system has built in access points to help growers to quickly and easily check that their sprayers are moving freely.

The big benefits of aeroponics

In a word, speed. There’s no quicker method of growing and many growers who have looked to squeeze in an extra grow each year have done so by using an aeroponic grow system like the Amazon.

Environmental considerations

Whether you’re using Aeroponics to develop cuttings or for the full cultivation of plants, getting the correct environment is critical to your success.

Temperature – For cuttings an environmental temperature of 21oC is when they’ll be happiest and thrive along with 70% humidity.

Whether developing cuttings or full plants, try and keep the nutrient solution in your reservoir to 20oC. Any higher and the levels of dissolved oxygen decrease. Much colder and it can shock the plants, slowing down their growth.

pH level – Look to maintain a pH range of 5.8 and 6.2 to help your plants develop quickly and healthily. For those looking for perfection, maintain as close to 6.0 as possible.

Our speed test

We couldn’t end without highlighting the speed of growth in our own trials where we saw 7ft of growth in just 5 weeks using our Amazon hydroponics system.

If this is something that you could do with then make sure to check out our X-Stream Aero propagator and Amazon system.