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Oxypot – massive yields from the least effort

How does the Oxypot grow system work?

In an Oxypot grow system, the net pots hang into the tanks of bubbling nutrient solution where plants’ roots are constantly fed and get access to optimum amounts of oxygen.

The Oxypot uses the Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing technique which is very simple and highly effective, uses minimal growing media and provides constant feeding.

Like the growing technique it uses, Oxypot systems are simple to operate. All you need to do is keep the root tank topped-up with your nutrient solution. This enables the roots to draw food and oxygen from the highly aerated solution.

Ideal if you’re growing 1-9 plants, this system comes in multiple sizes…

Oxypot Single (19 Litre tank) – 1 plant
Oxypot XL (70 Litre tank) – 2 plants
Oxypot XL+ (6.5 Litre basket and 70L tank) – 1 plant
Oxypot 4 (110 Litre tank) – 4 plants

Veg Systems

Oxypot V6 (70 Litre tank) – 6 plants
Oxypot V9 (110 Litre tank) – 9 plants

All kits include 1 Litre (L) net pots (except Oxypot XL+ which uses 6.5L), hole covers, an air pump, an air line and an air stone.

TOP TIP for growers! Every Oxypot, except the Single, has a reversible lid which you can use until the root zone has established!

Why should I use the Oxypot hydroponic system?

  • Rapid, exceptional root growth
  • All 38cm in height and no separate water butt/tank meaning you can make the most of your floor space
  • No risk of contamination through the sharing of nutrient solution
  • Removable net pots and excellent, easy access
  • No timer and only 1L of clay pebbles growing media (except Oxypot XL+ which uses 6.5L)

Can you help me set-up my Oxypot?

Watch our set-up guide…

Product Suggestions

The Oxypot DWC system works great with Plant Magic DWC nutrients.