Oxypot DWC System

Oxypot dwc system

Massive yields with the least effort and only 1 litre of pebbles per plant. The reservoir holds up to 100 litres so you can leave your plants for days. Choose 1, 2, 4, 6 or 9 plant kits. 

Our customers love Oxypots as they are easy to use and the yields are fantastic!

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Oxypots produce massive yields without a timer and with hardly any media.

The roots grow through the mesh pots into the misting chamber full of nutrient solution. The air pump constantly oxygenates the solution and the roots have constant access to water, nutrients and oxygen for exceptionally fast growth.

It’s impossible to saturate plants in an Oxypot because the roots only take up what they need when they need it. Just keep the misting chamber topped-up and it’s impossible to underwater because the solution is always available to the plants.

The misting chambers hold 19 to 100 litres of nutrient solution – depending on the size you choose, so there’s no need to visit your plants daily.

Each plant only needs 1 litre of clay pebbles (or 6.5 litre if using the Oxypot XL+) so you don’t have to handle huge bags of media.

why they are great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Use less media
  2. Space pots out
  3. Make the most of floor space with a self-contained grow system
  4. Turn plants under lights


DescriptionNo of PlantsSize L x W x H
Oxypot Single135 x 35 x 38
Oxypot XL283 x 53.5 x 38
Oxypot XL+183 x 53.5 x 38
Oxypot 4483 x 83 x 38
Oxypot V6683 x 53.5 x 38
Oxypot V9983 x 83 x 38

hints and tips

Pump – leave the pump on 24/7 – the plant’s roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen.

Transplanting – young plants started in 1” rockwool cubes, root riots or jiffy’s can be transplanted into an Oxypot, they must be root bound before they go into the system

Plants under lights will take up water at a greater rate than they take up nutrient. Over time the EC of the solution will rise. Top up the pot with half strength nutrient solution, check EC and add extra nutrient if required.  Then adjust pH level and perform a complete solution change every 2-3 weeks, depending plant size, water quality and hardness.