Origin – The O.G. Dripper System

origin dripper system

The Origin dripper system is ideal for tents and small spaces. Great value and with a rock-solid reputation for reliably huge yields. Now available to fit 1m slabs!

The Origin is extraordinary versatile, its brilliant for first time growers, allows you to use hydro, soil and coco and it’s an excellent price.

Holland Horticulture


The Origin uses a timer to drip nutrient solution into the tops of the system’s pots (or slabs in the Origin Duo Slab system) at the same times every day, several times per day.

Any run-off drains back into the reservoir so roots don’t rot.

The Origin reservoir holds between 30 and 180 litres of nutrient solution – depending on which size Origin you choose, so there’s no need to visit your plants every day.

Choose a Origin and you can get on with your life safe in the knowledge that your plants are thriving.

Origin Dripper System

why they are great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Grow 4 to 20 plants
  2. Experiment with media – use with coco, soil, mixed or pebbles
  3. Be able to move plants around under lights – the pots can be lifted out of the Origin system


DescriptionNumber of PlantsSize L x W
Small 4 - 6L Pots460 x 60cm
Small 4 - 11L Pots460 x 60cm
Large 4 - 11L Pots475 x 75cm
Large 4 - 18L Pots475 x 75cm
Large 8 - 6L Pots875 x 75cm
XL 4 - 18L Pots490 x 90cm
XL 4 - 25L Pots490 x 90cm
XL 8 - 11L Pots890 x 90cm
XXL 5 - 25L Pots5115 x 115cm
XXL 8 - 18L Pots8115 x 115cm
XXL 9 - 18L Pots9115 x 115cm
XXL 16 - 11L Pots16115 x 115cm
XXL 20 - 6L Pots20115 x 115cm
Small Wide 8 - 11L Pots8120 x 60cm
Small Wide 10 - 6L Pots10120 x 60cm
Large Wide 8 - 11L Pots8170 x 75cm
Large Wide 8 - 18L Pots8170 x 75cm
Xl Wide 8 - 18L Pots8190 x 90cm
XL Wide 8 - 25L Pots8190 x 90cm

hints and tips

Coco / Soil60/40Clay Pebbles
Start1 x 15 minute feed per day2 x 15 minute feed per day2 x 15 minute feed per day
Veg2-3 x 15 minute feeds per day3 x 15 minute feeds per day3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flowering3-5 x 15 minute feeds per day4-5 x 15 minute feeds per day4-6 x 15 minute feeds per day