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Nutrient Film Technique Tips

9 Top Nutrient Film Technique Tips To Get The Best From Your Crop

  1. Make sure that the temperature of your nutrient solution is stable. We recommend keeping the temperature at around 17-20oC for optimum nutrient uptake improved levels of dissolved oxygen.
  2. Keeping the nutrient solution pH levels between 5.8 and 6.2 is the ideal range for plants in NFT systems. Check your solution frequently, especially as your plants mature. If they creep above that level, use some pH Down to bring it back down again.
  3. Remember to refresh your nutrient solution. Every 7-10 for a nutrient solution change is ideal. If you’ve got a larger version of the Gro-Tank or Multi-Duct you might be able to go a few days longer, but to keep the solution potent, frequent changes are a must.
  4. A key tip to remember and something that catches out a few growers, especially ones new to NFT and that’s to completely remove plastic wrapping from the rockwool cubes that you might use to support your plants in an NFT system.
  5. Don’t let light damage your plant’s root. Make sure to use a correx cover to keep the light out. 
  6. Keeping your reservoir clean between grows is advised. A wipe around with a gentle detergent and then rinsed thoroughly will avoid any pathogens remaining, meaning that your next crop of plants will get a healthy start.
  7. Avoid the drip, drip, drip of water returning to your tank by making sure that your feeder mats are cut to cover the top tray and hang into the nutrient solution. 
  8. One critical element that mustn’t be ignored is that if you’re using rockwool blocks for NFT growing then you must have plenty of white roots on the outside of the block before planting out into our Gro-Tank or Multi-Duct.
  9. When starting to grow your plants use a half strength nutrient solution.  After about a week or so you can progress to a full dosage. Half strength will be enough for your fledgling plants to thrive, before they become more established and need more food.