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How do I add my soil-started plants to NFT Gro-Tank?

If you’ve started in soil in pots tip the plant out of the pot and place the plant directly on top the planter tray.

Check there are lots of roots on the outside of the soil which prevent soil from falling away before transplanting to NFT.

Can I add aeroponically started plants to NFT?

Yes! If you’ve started plants in an X-stream aeroponic propagator the net pots can be placed straight onto the planting tray.

Check the roots are 10cms below the clone collar before transplanting to NFT.

What timings should I use for the pump?

For the best results keep you pump going 24/7.

When running constantly ducts deliver nutrient solution in a constant slow trickle all day every, day, so plants always have access to optimum amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen. 

What temperature should I keep the reservoir at?

Maintain a consistent temperature in your NFT Gro-Tank and we recommend keeping reservoir temperature between 19oC and 21oC.  You may want to use a heater for when grow lights are off and the temperature in the grow room drops.

What plant spacings should I use?

1 square foot per plant is ideal. Don’t overcrowd the plants in your NFT system.

The plants will become much bigger than those grown in soil or coco, so you don’t need to grow as many as you have done in pots.

How many NFT options are there?

There are 6 Gro-Tank varieties that will accommodate from 1-25 plants. They’re available in sizes to fit the most common grow room sizes.

For more information check out our Gro-Tank and Multi-Duct pages.

I want to grow 3 plants, which NFT Gro-Tank should I choose?

For the best results and to provide your plants with extra space to grow, we recommend using the GT424 system. 

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