IWS DWC System

iws dwc system

Up to 36 pots can be linked to one water butt in this IWS deep water culture system so that plants roots remain submerged and fed.


The IWS DWC pumps solution from the control unit into each of the misting chambers where the air stones oxygenate the solution.

The timer controls how often the solution is pumped back to the water butt where it mixes with the water butt contents.

This remixing keeps the nutrients balanced the pH and EC stable and the solution cool.

Pots can be spaced out how the grower chooses and pots can be added at a later date.

The IWS DWC can be linked to chillers so growers who struggle to control the temperature in their environment can benefit from deep water culture.

why they are great

Perfect for growers who want:

  1. Bigger yields
  2. To set and leave the system
  3. Quiet running 
  4. Low media usage
  5. Access to roots
  6. To turn plants under lights


Pots can be spaced to suit the grow room.

IWS R-DWC systems are available from 4 to 24 pots.

Each pot is 19 litres.

hints and tips

We recommend changing your nutrient solution once a week, as the nutrient strength (EC) rises over time. Drain the tank completely and replace with fresh nutrient to keep your plants healthy and get optimum results.

For more top tips have a look at out IWS DWC advice page.