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How to increase growth rates with Ebb & Flood

Ebb & Flood is simple to use and has just a few things you need to control in order to get fantastic yields. Our tips will help you do just that.

How Ebb & Flood works

You set the feed start times and durations, then at those set times solution rises up from the reservoir into the media and pushes out stale air.

The roots take what they need and at the end of the set feed time the solution drains back into the reservoir and fresh air is pulled into the root zone.


As with comedy, the key to success with Ebb & Flood is timing. Get it right and you’ll get yields like you’ve never had before.

  • So, as a guide start with the following schedules for 60/40…
    During the vegetative stage we recommend 2 x 15 minute feeds during lights-on with an 8 hour gap between each feed.
  • During flowering increase this to 4 x 15 minute feeds per day during lights-on, leaving 6 hours between each feed.
  • Keep an eye on your plants to see if they look like they need more feeds.

If you’re using pebbles, increase the feeds so they happen every 3 hours in the vegetative stage and up to 5 in the flowering stage.


Your plants don’t want to be too hot, so keep your nutrient  solution at around 21oc. At this level the water is warm enough to stimulate growth, but cool enough to keep the maximum amount of oxygen in the solution.

Keep it fresh

Don’t let your reservoir become stagnant as this can increase the chances of developing pathogens. Keep the solution fresh, ideally changing the nutrients at least every 2 weeks and every week if you can.

Find out more about Ebb & Flood by visiting our product page.