Most hydroponic systems are active, though some are passive.

Active hydroponics is the technique where nutrient solution is actively delivered to the plants roots via a pump.

No absorbent growing medium is necessary in active hydro; this allows an abundance of oxygen into the root zone. The constant supply of oxygen, water and nutrients leads to optimum growth and yields.

Passive hydroponics is the technique where nutrient solution is constantly made available to the plant via the capillary action of the growing medium surrounding the roots, there is no pump involved.

Although much more effective than traditional growing methods: passive hydro relies on absorbent growing medium and this limits the amount of oxygen in the root zone when compared with active hydroponics.

Timed ‘v’ Untimed hydroponic kits

The first choice most growers make is whether they want to set the feed duration and frequency and to adjust these over the plant life-cycle, or whether they want to choose a constant feed system that allows the plants to take up more nutrient solution as their needs increase.

This is largely a matter of personal choice.

How many plants do you want to grow?

A modular system is usually more cost effective for larger scale growers because the control units add to the cost but can be used to control conditions for up to 80 plants, which brings down the per plant cost. Nutriculture modular grow systems are available in 4 techniques. A multi-plant system is ideal for mid-scale growers and of course single and double plant systems are perfect for smaller growers or for growers with mother plants that they want to keep in leaf.

Which growing media do you want to use?

If handling growing media is a hassle then opt for a zero or minimal media hydroponic system. If you really like coco and soil and the buffer these media give you then choose a dripper, wick or hand watering hydroponic kit. If you want to benefit from the free draining nature and high air content of clay pebbles then you have a wide range of hydroponic kits to choose from.

What space do you have?

If you are growing in an area with low head space or in a tent the low level design of Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts will be ideal. If you have an awkward space the modular IWS kits will be useful because these can be spaced to suit you but can all be connected to one control unit and water butt. If you’re happy to grow in single pots and manage individual reservoirs in an awkward space the Oxypot will be perfect for you. If space is unlimited you can benefit from the huge yields produced by the Amazon aeroponic kit.

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