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Get the most from your X-Stream Aero propagator

When used correctly, the X-Stream Aero, will dramatically increase the speed at which your cuttings will root and be ready to transplant.

An aeroponic cuttings propagator works by misting the base of cuttings, reducing the risk of damping-off, drying out and fungal infections.

Here’s how to get the most from your X-Stream Aero propagator.


Tap water is perfect for aeroponic propagation. That’s because it contains all the minerals cuttings need to develop in their infancy.


Don’t add nutrients to your water until the roots are around 6-7cm long. A hydroponic base nutrient at half strength is advised so as not to cause blockages in the sprayers and allow the cuttings to feed.

Alternatively a specific root developing nutrient, like Plant Magic Root Stimulator is perfect.


You will need to manage pH even with only water in the reservoir!

You’ll notice in the first 48 hours that pH of the water in the reservoir of the aeroponic propagator will rise.

Make sure to keep pH stable in the tank. A range of 5.8-6.3 is perfect.

Should I leave the pump on?

Yes, we recommend keeping the pump running 24/7.

You will hear some growers say that they like to turn off the pump as it can generate some heat and warm up the water in the reservoir.

Having trialled this ourselves, the difference in temperature levels is negligible, so keep the pump going and keep those cuttings fed we say!

If you are worried about rising temperatures in the aeroponic propagator, we recommend cooling the water down by simply putting an ice pack into the reservoir until the water gets cooler.

Should I change the water?

Changing the water isn’t necessary. It should last the duration of the propagation cycle (up to 4 weeks).

It is much more important to manage the pH correctly.

Do I need to use the humidity dome?

Some growers like to leave their cuttings exposed from above, though we advise the use of the humidity dome, which comes with the X-Stream Aero.

This is because temperature management is easier, and a level of moisture is available to the cuttings’ leaves.

The cuttings develop even without roots in the early stage because the plants stem is able to absorb moisture, before and during root development. The roots then develop as they go in search for food.


When using an aeroponic propagator, we recommend using a light that runs cool, like the Sunblaster T5 range, which include nanotech reflectors.

These T5 lights emit a lot of the blue spectrum of light which helps promotes growth of green foliage. And as they operate coolly, they won’t make your cuttings too hot.

How do I know when to remove the cuttings?

Generally you can transplant your cuttings once they are large enough to handle. As a rule of thumb you can transplant when you have some short fat roots.

Our head grower recommends trying to transplant as early as you can and then get them established into their next system. This has the benefit of enabling you to increase your number of cutting cycles. 

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