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Holland Hydroponics – Oxypot tips

At Holland Hydroponics we’re often asked when growers want to switch from hand watering, usually in a soil or coco grow medium, into a fully automated hydroponic system, what would we recommend?

There is only one answer really and that’s the Oxy-Pot. Although a completely different principle to hand watering as it’s DWC (Deep Water Culture), the Single (1 Pot) chamber is similar to an 18L square pot, which most soil and coco growers can relate to. This means the change won’t be as big, daunting, or confusing, as going straight to something like an NFT system.

To help get the most out of an Oxypot, Holland Hydroponics has the following tips:

  • Always use dedicated hydroponic base nutrients, under no circumstances should you use a soil or coco feed
  • Always measure the pH of your nutrient solution, never assume it’ll be OK as it can differ depending on your geographical location and/or if using a silicon based supplement, as these are known to raise the pH, sometimes by as much as 2.
  • It’s important to also measure the EC, this determines the strength of the nutrient solution, too strong or too weak, could have a detrimental effect on overall plant health, along with the quality and quantity of the harvest
  • Change the nutrient solution approximately every 7 days, as elements get used up, the EC can rise, or fall. Regularly changing the nutrient solution, along with keeping an eye on pH and EC levels, will push plants to grow and flower at their optimum
  • Once mixed, the nutrient temperature should be kept to between 20-22° Celsius, if not problems such as algae can develop, which will also reduce the amount of available oxygen, or a worst case scenario Pythium, which can potentially destroy an entire crop
  • Oxypot’s don’t need to store nutrients in the substrate, a substrate is only needed to support the plant as it grows. With this in mind, we always recommend that clay pebbles are used, as unlike coco and soil, once the plants have been harvested, the pebbles can be washed and used again
  • Clay Pebbles are however porous, therefore it’s important to keep an eye on the nutrient level in the Oxypot chamber as not only will the roots be absorbing it, so will the clay pebbles and the last thing you want is the system to run dry
  • Healthy roots mean healthy plants so make sure the air pump is kept on 24/7, this helps to not only circulate the nutrient solution, but also replenishes the oxygen levels, keeping the roots white, healthy and strong
  • Oxypot’s also have an air-stone locator fitted to the chamber, this eliminates any guess work as to where the air stone should be placed, keeping the oxygen within the nutrient solution at the optimum level

So there you have it, a few reasons as to why Holland Hydroponics love the Oxypot DWC hydroponic system. Not only are they easy to understand, use and maintain, but will help produce impressive yields, not only in terms of quantity, but also quality. Believe us when we say, you won’t look back after using an Oxypot and hand watering will become a thing of the past.

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