Ebb and Flood Systems

ebb & flood systems

If you’re an experienced grower choose this super-oxygenated Ebb & Flood system to make maximum use of the free-draining nature of clay pebbles.

With 60% faster drainage the new Ebb & Flood range deserves your attention.


How the Ebb and Flood hydroponic system works.

At the set times solution rises up from the reservoir into the media and pushes out stale air, allowing the roots take up whatever nutrients and water they need.

Every Ebb & Flood kit now includes our unique Express Drain. When the flood pump switches off the Express Drain creates a powerful vacuum which pulls water back into the reservoir with a rush of fresh oxygen rich air. This fresh oxygen-rich air nourishes the roots leading to more productive growth and bigger yields.

The top tray of the Ebb & Flood has a new design so water runs to the drainage point more quickly where the Express Drain can do its work.

Clay pebbles hold very little moisture, so between feeds roots have excellent access to oxygen, you must increase feed timings as the plants grow to ensure they receive enough water.

why they are great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Optimise root access to oxygen
  2. Finely tune feeds
  3. Decide own plant spacing
  4. Make the most of available space with a self-contained system
  5. Grow in an area with limited height – these grow systems are a maximum of 36cm tall.


DescriptionNo of PlantsSize L x W
EF1201-469.5 x 59
EF2304-9119.5 x 107
EF4206-8172 x 62
EF62010- 15226 x 118
EF1004-9122 x 109

hints and tips

Feed Guide for Coco/SoilFeed Guide for 60/40Feed Guide for Pebbles
Start1 x 15 minute feed per day2 x 15 minute feeds per day2 x 15 minute feeds per day
Veg2-3 x 15 minute feeds per day3 x 15 minute feeds per day3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flower3-5 x 15 minute feeds per day4-5 x 15 minute feeds per day4-6 x 15 minute feeds per day