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DWC V’s R-WDC – What’s the difference

Deep Water Culture or DWC and (Recirculating) R-DWC grow systems permanently suspend roots in a root chamber, while an air stone in the chamber oxygenates the solution. Access to oxygen and nutrient solution is completely unrestricted.  Growth is exceptionally fast and the crops are huge. 

So what’s the difference between the two?

In DWC Grow Systems:
  • The solution always stays in the root chamber
  • The grower mixes the solution manually 
  • Or the grower can remix the solution with a timer, if their system allows this

A typical example of a self-contained DWC system is an Oxypot, which is the easiest way to trial Deep Water Culture (DWC).

If you grow multiple plants though, you might want to try an IWS DWC system. Think of it as a modular Oxypot, it makes managing many DWC pots much simpler.

In R-DWC Grow Systems
  • The solution moves constantly between root chambers 
  • The constant recirculation between root chambers keeps the pH balanced
  • The solution becomes even more oxygenated, which on large scale set-ups means it outperforms DWC

Our largest scale R-DWC system is the Rush, which has up to 34 nutrient circulations per hour, providing more oxygen to plants roots.

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