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Oxypot – massive yields from the least effort

How does the Oxypot grow system work?

In an Oxypot grow system, the net pots hang into the tanks of bubbling nutrient solution where plants’ roots are constantly fed and get access to optimum amounts of oxygen.

The Oxypot uses the Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing technique which is very simple and highly effective, uses minimal growing media and provides constant feeding.

Like the growing technique it uses, Oxypot systems are simple to operate. All you need to do is keep the root tank topped-up with your nutrient solution. This enables the roots to draw food and oxygen from the highly aerated solution.

Ideal if you’re growing 1-9 plants, this system comes in multiple sizes…

Oxypot Single (19 Litre tank) – 1 plant
Oxypot XL (70 Litre tank) – 2 plants
Oxypot XL+ (6.5 Litre basket and 70L tank) – 1 plant
Oxypot 4 (110 Litre tank) – 4 plants

Veg Systems

Oxypot V6 (70 Litre tank) – 6 plants
Oxypot V9 (110 Litre tank) – 9 plants

All kits include 1 Litre (L) net pots (except Oxypot XL+ which uses 6.5L), hole covers, an air pump, an air line and an air stone.

TOP TIP for growers! Every Oxypot, except the Single, has a reversible lid which you can use until the root zone has established!

Why should I use the Oxypot hydroponic system?

  • Rapid, exceptional root growth
  • All 38cm in height and no separate water butt/tank meaning you can make the most of your floor space
  • No risk of contamination through the sharing of nutrient solution
  • Removable net pots and excellent, easy access
  • No timer and only 1L of clay pebbles growing media (except Oxypot XL+ which uses 6.5L)

Can you help me set-up my Oxypot?

Watch our set-up guide…

Product Suggestions

The Oxypot DWC system works great with Plant Magic DWC nutrients.

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Flo-Gro Focus

By now you will have heard of our Origin dripper system, but it’s not our only dripper system! Who could forget about our Flo-Gro dripper?

Our Flo-Gro system is ideal if you’re growing 1-2 plants or have a mother plant you want to keep in veg for cuttings. It’s available in three sizes…

Flo-Gro 500 – ideal for 1 plant
Flo-Gro 510 – ideal for 2 plants
Flo-Gro 520 – extra-large and ideal for your mother plant

How does the Flo-Gro hydroponic system work?

The Flo-Gro’s drip ring irrigates the media at the set times and any excess drains back into the reservoir to be dripped over the media at the next feed.

It’s almost impossible to over-water in the Flo-Gro because the drip ring releases solution slowly and the pebbles offer excellent drainage. The speed of draining through the pebbles re-oxygenates the roots at every feed ensuring long-term root health.

What do the retailers think?

“If you want to keep a mother plant for cuttings then the Flo-Gro is a must have.” – Mellow Yellow Hydro

5 reasons why Flo-Gro dripper systems are great!

  1. Perfect for growers who want to grow small numbers of high quality plants
  2. Perfect for growers who want to cultivate a mother plant for cuttings
  3. Perfect for growers who want to benefit from pebbles without having to be precise with the timer
  4. Perfect for growers who want to make the most of space with a self-contained system
  5. Perfect for growers who love using grow systems made right here in the UK

Check out our video for more benefits…

Hints and Tips

Feed Guide for Pebbles:

Start – 2 x 15 minute feeds per day

Veg – 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day

Flowering – 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day

Product Suggestions:

The Flo-Gro system is designed to be used with a free draining, inert medium like House & Garden Clay Pebbles. Stronger stems can be developed with Plant Magic Hydro Silicon.

If you’re growing a mother plant in your Flo-Gro, you can also use Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 to help produce higher quality growth for cuttings.

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Q&A with Holland Hydroponics

We asked Holland Horticulture in Burnley some top questions to assist any growers thinking about switching from traditional methods to the efficient and effective world of hydroponics. Here is what they had to say;

What are the main considerations for a grower moving from pots and soil to a hydro system?

The main concept growers have to think about when considering switching their growing methods is; do they want better results? If so, then hydro systems are the way forward. 

The first most considerable factor is the use of less media and therefore less mess! Traditional growing methods can result in soil getting everywhere whereas hydro systems create a far slicker experience. The effect of better results also allows the grower to build more confidence in their ability, as you see your plants flourish so does your motivation to push your next crop even further. 

What do you believe are the biggest misconceptions of grower’s who might be thinking of moving to hydro, but are scared to?

The biggest misconception is that you can just leave a hydro system, although you don’t have to watch it as much as you would an ordinary plant in a pot, you do still have to monitor your grow. Which is a good thing, despite the fact you aren’t physically watering your plants, it is still rewarding to see your plant at each stage until the end result.

What advice would you provide to a grower to get them over their fears?

This is dependent on the person, but let’s say they have been searching the internet and have seen things could go wrong with hydro systems, well yes they can, but no more so than with pots and soil.  They should look to minimise the risk by keeping things simple. Choose a system like a Origin, use clay pebbles and feed constantly. Nice and easy.

What kind of results do growers achieve that move from pots and soil to hydro?

If everything goes well and they encounter no problems, they should achieve a 30-50% higher yield than growing with pots and soil.

What type of system do newer growers move to from pots and soil?

The best system for hydro beginners is the Origin. It was one of the most versatile systems you can use as it allows soil, coco or clay pebbles to be used in it. So if your wanting to put your hand to hydro this is the system to use – it’s easy and effective.

What is your one top tip for getting the most from a hydro system?

Be hands on and keep it simple!

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The road to Chelsea

Tom Smith Plants (TSP), the producer of high quality soft fruit bushes, vegetables and seeds has started developing their plants which will be used at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show, using none other than Nutriculture Grow Systems very own range of propagators.

The event which is regarded by many as the most prestigious in the horticultural calendar, will take place between 23rd-27th May and attracts enthusiasts from around the globe. So, the pressure’s on TSP as they know that their plants have to look spectacular!

It’s early days so far, but the guys at TSP (@tomsmithplants_) understand that getting the plants to look their best for the show means giving them the best start to life. So we’re ecstatic that they’ve shown great faith in Nutriculture Grow Systems by using our very own X-Stream Aeroponic and Vitopod propagators.

In the Vitopod propagator TSP have been growing ‘Smokin Eds’ Carolina Reaper chillies in rockwool. Whilst they are using the X-Stream Aeroponic propagator to cultivate root vegetables.

We can’t wait to see how they develop. 

We’ll be providing regular updates as to how things are going during the countdown to the Chelsea Flower Show, so make sure to keep checking in on this blog.