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6 Steps For Taking Perfect Cuttings

If speeding up your crop cycle is important to you, then check out our guide to propagation. Follow our advice and you’ll be harvesting healthy, higher yielding plants quicker than ever before. Seed Germination V’s Cutting Propagation – Which is faster? It really depends on the type of plant. Some will root faster than others. […]

Nutrient Film Technique Tips

9 Top Nutrient Film Technique Tips To Get The Best From Your Crop Make sure that the temperature of your nutrient solution is stable. We recommend keeping the temperature at around 17-20oC for optimum nutrient uptake improved levels of dissolved oxygen. Keeping the nutrient solution pH levels between 5.8 and 6.2 is the ideal range […]

How Does Nutrient Film Technique work?

When people think of hydroponics they often think of NFT, but don’t always know what it is. In this article we’ll explore what Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is, how it works and why it’s known as one of the simplest growing methods around. What is Nutrient Film Technique? Nutrient Film Technique or NFT as it […]

Drip feed your knowledge of hydro systems

Did you know dripper systems are one of the most widely used types of hydroponic systems around the world, both for home growers as well as commercial growers too? This is mainly because the concept is pretty easy – simply set a timer and your chosen nutrient solution drips into your pots. This allows growers […]

Q&A with Holland Hydroponics

We asked Holland Hydroponics in Burnley some top questions to assist any growers thinking about switching from traditional methods to the efficient and effective world of hydroponics. Here is what they had to say; What are the main considerations for a grower moving from pots and soil to a hydro system? The main concept growers […]

The road to Chelsea

Tom Smith Plants (TSP), the producer of high quality soft fruit bushes, vegetables and seeds has started developing their plants which will be used at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show, using none other than Nutriculture Grow Systems very own range of propagators. The event which is regarded by many as the most prestigious in the horticultural […]

DWC growing tips

7 Deep Water Culture (DWC) tips to get your best ever results  Looking to get the most from your DWC system? Then follow our top tips to growing success. Check your roots Before you start growing in a DWC system you’ll need to make sure that there’s sufficient root growth before transplanting. Make sure there’s […]

DWC V’s R-WDC – What’s the difference

Deep Water Culture or DWC and (Recirculating) R-DWC grow systems permanently suspend roots in a root chamber, while an air stone in the chamber oxygenates the solution. Access to oxygen and nutrient solution is completely unrestricted.  Growth is exceptionally fast and the crops are huge.  So what’s the difference between the two? In DWC Grow Systems: […]

Wilma automated watering in pots

If you’ve ever thought about how you can make growing easier (and we’re sure you have), then maybe it’s time you automated your watering schedule with a Wilma. This blog intends to give you as much information on the growing process in a Wilma dripper system as possible, so you can decide whether it’s right for […]

Get the most from your X-Stream Aero propagator

When used correctly, the X-Stream Aero, will dramatically increase the speed at which your cuttings will root and be ready to transplant. An aeroponic cuttings propagator works by misting the base of cuttings, reducing the risk of damping-off, drying out and fungal infections. Here’s how to get the most from your X-Stream Aero propagator. Water […]