Autodrain System

Autodrain system

IWS AutoDrain prevents root rot by removing run-off completely and quickly – just add pots.


Roots in pots are starved of oxygen after every watering while they sit in the run-off in saucers. AutoDrain removes run-off fast which prevents rot, increases nutrient uptake and growth and reduces the risk of crop-destroying issues like Pythium.

Upgrade to the  AutoDrain 6 pot system which includes a control pot which collects, holds, then pumps away the run-off to a drain or bucket for waste or recirculation.

why they are great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1.  Use pots and soil 
  2.  Start small and expand as they grow 
  3.  Avoid root damaging salt build-up


Suitable for any pot up to 35cm diameter including plastic, Rhizo, Airpot or SmartPot.


Set-up instructions