Which growing media?

When growing in an aeroponic system you’ll only ever use clay pebbles, with only handful per pot.

Clay pebbles provide the perfect environment for plant roots in an aeroponic system, they absorb the fine mist produced by the systems sprinklers encouraging rapid root growth. Their shape provides pockets of oxygen throughout, this unrestricted access to oxygen results in faster growth and bigger yields.

Environmental conditions

Your nutrient strength and environment should be your key consideration when using an aeroponic system.
If it’s warm in your grow room and humidity is low, then you’ll notice that the plant will take up more water than nutrient, which will increase the strength of the nutrient. If this is allowed to continue it will have a detrimental to your plants health.

Make sure to check your nutrient strength (EC) and water levels as well as your pH every few days.

Constant feeding

Aeroponic systems are constant feeding, so there’s no need to worry or analyse the number or duration of your feeds. Your plants will feed when they want, this constant feeding technique results in optimum growth and yield.

There is no need to turn off or unplug the pump at any point during the plants lifecycle, doing so could be detrimental to your plants health.

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