Why switch to a Nutriculture hydroponic grow system?


You can expect 3 x more produce from your Nutriculture hydroponic grow system compared with pots because plants are never waiting for you to feed them.

Nutrient solution is provided directly to the roots to be taken up little and often.

Your plants will access everything they need without sitting in wet media or a pool of water. In our grow systems plants take up more nutrient solution and produce bigger harvests more quickly.

Less maintenance

Our grow systems  automatically keep plants perfectly fed and watered at all times.

Simply set the hydroponic system up, test the pH and EC and change the solution at the recommended times.

You can leave your plants and they won’t  dry out because the hydroponic system will take care of their needs.

No run-off to deal with

One of the problems with pots is that it’s time consuming to empty saucers.

Our recirculating hydroponic grow systems pump nutrient solution from the reservoir and the run-off drains back ready to be pumped around again.

Head room

Growing in a low space?

Choose a Gro-Tank or Multi-Duct. Gro-Tanks are a maximum of 20cms tall so the height in the growing space is taken up by the plant and not the grow system.

Reduced media use

Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts don’t use any media at all, the Oxypot, IWS DWC and Amazon aeroponic kits use a handful of clay pebbles per plant. Not having to lift, store and dispose of media is especially beneficial to larger scale growers.

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