Quadgrow & Octogrow Wick System

The Quadgrow prevents water-logging and drying out and automates watering without the need for a power supply.


How Quadgrow and Octogrow systems work

Wicks in the pots pull nutrient solution up from the reservoir below at a rate that maintains perfect moisture levels at all times.

The plants always have access to what they need without the roots ever sitting in water or becoming water-logged – a common problem with pot growers which slows growth and reduces yields.

The Quadgrow and Octogrow hydroponic wick systems do not require any power supply, growers who want to stick with pots and soil, but want better results and less maintenance should choose this proven system.

This multi-plant grow system is popular amongst chilli farms.

Why They are Great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Get better yields from pots
  2. Make the most of their available space
  3. Set a system up and leave it – no nutrient changes, no timer, no pump and no pH changes required


System Size L x W x H cm No. of Plants
Quadgrow 4 Pot 58 x 54 x 36 4
Octogrow 8 Pot 108.5 x 54 x 36 8
Quadgrow Slim 4 Pot 130 x 25 x 15 4

Hints and Tips

Use soil in the pots

If growing under powerful lights, lightly water the top layer of soil in each pot once or twice a week.

Multiple Quadgrow or Octogrow systems can be run from one large header tank. For increased success use a heavily fertilised soil with the system and feed water during the growth stage and add bloom booster at the flowering stage.