Nutrient mixing

Always mix nutrients according to the manufacturers instructions. 

When mixing nutrients NEVER mix them in their concentrated form. Doing so will result in a chemical reaction causing nutrient lockout, wherein the nutrients cannnot be absorbed by the plant. Nutrients MUST ALWAYS be mixed in a body of water i.e. nutrient tank or waterbutt.

Ideally allow tap water to stand 24 hours before using.

Base nutrients should always be added first, followed by any additives, stirring thoroughly between the addition of each part.

Once all nutrients and additives have been added the solution should be allowed to stand for one hour before checking the pH and EC, this gives all the elements time to mix properly.

Topping up the solution

Do not let the solution level in your tank drop significantly. An Auto-top-up system will prevent this happening.

With an EC meter

Top-up the reservoir if needed with water only, wait one hour for new water to mix with old solution, then check EC reading. Add nutrients to bring EC level back to the target EC. Empty your tank at least once per month so you can start again with a fresh nutrient solution – this is called a ‘solution change.

WIithout an EC meter

Top-up the Gro-Tank as needed with nutrient solution at half the strength of the nutrient you are currently using in the system. Empty your tank at least once per month so you can start again with a fresh nutrient solution – this is called a ‘solution change. Making up a container of half dose nutrient solution makes topping-up easier.

Emptying the tank

Switch the pump off. Remove the delivery tube and fit the emptying tube onto the pump to empty the tank. If your system didn't come with an emptying tube, then a small length of garden hose can be used. We recommend that you remove as much nutrient solution as possible, you can use a sponge to soak up any solution that doesn't drain away. Used solution can be disposed of in the garden.