IWS Dripper System

The most finely tuned dripper system available - 28 feed duration options. Up to 48 pots can be spaced however you choose and they can all be controlled from one timer and one water butt.


How the IWS Dripper systems works

Nutrient solution is pumped from the water butt to the drippers in the pots according to the timer settings.

Run-off is caught in the saucers below the pots and is pumped to a catchment tank resulting in thorough drainage.

The run-off is stored in the tank until it reaches a trigger level and is pumped to waste.

The IWS Dripper can be used with coco and soil – making it exceptionally popular with growers who like the fact that these media allow more leeway with grow-room and water temperature and pH and EC levels.

Why They are Great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Grow in pots
  2. Choose how to space pots
  3. Grow on a larger scale
  4. Have the option to add more pots at a later date


IWS Dripper systems available from 4 to 24 pots.  Pot sizes are 5.5 and 9.5 litre.

Hints and Tips

  Feed Time Guide for 60/40 Feed Time Guide for pebbles
Start 2 x 15 minutes feeds per day 2 x 15 minutes feeds per day
Veg 3 x 15 minute feeds per day 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flower 4-5 x 15 minute feeds per day 4-6 x 15 minute feeds per day

As with all methods of growing increase or decrease feeds according to plant requirements.



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