IWS Hand Watering System

The IWS Hand Watering kit prevents water-logging and the build-up of excess salts and flushes the media at every feed.


How the IWS Hand Watering system works

After you’ve watered from the top saturating the media, the excess solution runs out of the pots and drains to the control unit where the grower can check the EC and pH.

Waterlogging is prevented and the media is flushed of any excess nutrients.

When the solution reaches the float in the control unit the solution is pumped to waste.

Collecting run off from traditional hand-watering pots is extremely difficult and if you have several pots can be very time consuming as each needs to be done separately. The IWS Hand Watering pots are linked together so all run off is collected and pumped to waste from all the pots at the same time.

Why They are Great

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Grow in pots without run-off
  2. Get a better yield from handwatering


IWS Hand Watering systems are available from 6 to 80 pots.  

Pots sizes are 9, 16 and 25 litres

Hints and Tips

When hand-watering, it is important that your chosen growing medium has free drainage with good oxygen to water retention. A good soil mix or coco mix will work great in this system.

To get the best possible results from your IWS Hand Watering system we recommend a good 20% run off of nutrient solution with each feed, we would also recommend a full saturation of the growing media at least once a day and allow the media to drain and loose most of its water before feeding again.


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