Hydroponic Grow Systems

Hydroponic Grow Systems

These hydroponic systems are growers' favourites. They produce bigger yields - fast.

Hydroponic systems

hydroponic Growing Techniques

There are 6 main hydroponic techniques. Here's a quick overview of the differences between each.

6 Techniques video

  • 6 techniques
  • Any size
  • Bigger Yields
Hydroponic systems

drip systems

  • Any media
  • Timed feeds
  • Maximise nutrient usage
Hydroponic systems


  • Zero Media – pure hydroponics
  • Self-contained
  • Constant feeding
Hydroponic systems

ebb & flood

  • Super-oxygenating
  • Timed feeding
  • Any media
Hydroponic systems


  • Very simple but highly effective
  • Minimal media
  • Constant feeding
Hydroponic systems


  • Modular set-up
  • Constant feed & recirculation
  • Masses of oxygen
Hydroponic systems


  • Low media use
  • Constant feeding
  • Exceptional speed of growth
Hydroponic systems

Small Scale Systems

These systems are perfect for low number of high yielding plants

Hydroponic systems

Large Scale Systems

For those looking to grow larger numbers of big plants

IWS AutoDrain
Hydroponic systems

Propagation Systems

Develop quicker and stronger plants with our range of propagators

Hydroponic systems

There are two types of hydroponic grow system, which are classified as ACTIVE or PASSIVE. Our range has both types of system though the majority are active systems.
Active hydroponic systems produce bigger yields, but require the the use of a pump and delivery system to provide nutrients to your plants. Whereas passive hydroponic systems provide nutrients to your plants without the use of any powered assisted source.
Some active hydroponic systems, like Wilma Dripper Systems will require you to use media, such as soil, coco or 60/40. Whilst others like NFT Gro-Tanks will not require any media whatsoever. Passive systems will always require some sort of media.
Hydroponic grow systems also come in different sizes to accommodate the needs of growers. For example an Oxypot Deep Water Culture hydroponic system is available in sizes from 1-4 plants and will fit into a 1 metre square space with ease. Whereas other larger scale hydroponic systems such as IWS Flood and Drain allow growers to scale up as they go and can help cultivate up to 80 plants, but require a much larger area for them to fit into.
There are wide range of hydro systems all represented on this website. We encourage you to take a look around and if you want to know more, we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter